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Our expertise

Sometimes, you need outside input to make your ideas shine. We focus on helping medical, clinical, and healthcare businesses to engage with their audiences. Our dynamic team specializes in medical translation, content creation, digital marketing, and media production. So, if you’ve already created your medical content, our experts would be happy to review and edit it for you. Communicare’s teams look at language and grammar, the accuracy of medical content, language and fluency, multimedia functionality, or anything else you need.

medical consulting services

Inventive Ideas
from Industry Experts

The medical industry is complex, but our services aren’t. We’re here to help you speak to your audience in the right way, at the right time. We can help you enhance your content and gain the competitive edge.

Our skilled translation team will review your translations, so you can be confident that they’re 100% accurate.

We have the best tools for reviewing and improving medical subtitles and voice-overs in almost any language.

Our consultants will help to improve your marketing performance based on the needs of your customers.

Find out if your content truly resonates with your audience at a cultural level.

Communicare’s multimedia team will optimize your videos, learning platforms, websites, and animations for any platform and audience.

Our creative medical writers will transform will create outstanding medical content.

Here’s How We Do It

Our consultants are experts in their fields who specialize in the various branches of medicine. We optimize medical content about technical or simplified topics.

Your success is important

Our clients’ success drives our business. Simply put, we’re here to help you reach your goals. We’ve carefully designed our services so that we can deliver on-time, high-quality, objective-driven consultancy work. We can also adapt any of our services to meet your needs. Our consultants work together as part of a wider team, meaning we can pool their expertise for complex projects.

Get noticed around the world

Communicare’s team is multilingual. We can review your medical content in another language, focusing on grammar, structure, vocabulary, and accuracy. Or, we can translate your content for you. Communicare offers several translation options, including human translation and machine translation with human editing (known as machine translation post-editing MTPE) Because we work with native speakers, we also have in-depth knowledge of the culture in different areas and regions. Our localization team can review and adapt your content so that it resonates with the audience in your new area.

Your medical industry partner

At Communicare, we aren’t just content creators, translators, marketers, and media producers. We’re also healthcare specialists with expertise in many fields. We have a large team with a wide range of specialisms. So, we’re equipped to support your business on an ongoing basis, as and when you need. Just think of Communicare as an part of your in-house team.

medical consultation

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