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Our pharmaceutical translation company, Communicare, employs translators who are experienced in the field of pharmaceuticals. We have provided our customers with a smooth process by demonstrating quality results in many of our past practices. Today and in the future, we will continue our efforts to develop and demonstrate the same qualities. To receive qualified service at the institutional level, within the framework of quality standards, we can offer you the total value of your expectations by adopting world-class working methods.

Pharmaceuticals is one of the sensitive areas that express the general pharmaceutical industry. It is vital that any text to be produced for these texts, be executed with care and attention. So much so that all pharmacological data, clinical data, and test results about drugs submitted to official authorities at the acquisition of drug licenses should be prepared in accordance with the original and translated in accordance with the original. At this point, mastery of terminology is required. Otherwise, medical documents that will be created based on the resulting translation may contain erroneous data and results that may affect the patients’ lives. The pharmaceutical translation is one of our most diligent practice areas as a pharmaceutical translation agency. In this field, we can provide you with drug licenses, clinical and pharmacological data, tests, experiments, and guides for using and explaining drugs and medical devices and similar issues. As in all other translation fields, we carry out precise, qualified, and timely translation applications in this field as well.

What is Pharmaceutical Translation? For what purpose is it used?

The pharmaceutical translation is a type of translation that includes translations about drug production and drug ingredients. It contains instructions found on labels, leaflets, and medicine boxes. Even the simplest mistake made during the process may cause factors such as a patient preparing for surgery not knowing what risks he accepts or leading to an overdose of medication. This puts human life at risk. Important issues such as the effects of a drug, its usage patterns, and the amount of dose to be taken constitute the sub-branch of this science. In addition, pharmaceutical translation also includes drug registration, clinical data and tests, and user manual of drugs and medical instruments.

Qualified technical translation services

Pharmaceutical translation, one of the sub-branches of technical translation, requires field expertise. Transactions performed by translators experienced in medicine, pharmacology and chemistry will be able to produce accurate results. Any translator or translation office may not be able to provide qualified services in this field of translation because each technical field has its characteristics and a particular language that we call terminology. It is expected that translators who do not have the expertise and/or experience in their field cannot achieve successful results in this field. Likewise, even if they have expertise in pharmacology, chemistry, and medicine, it is standard for professionals who do not have technical knowledge in foreign languages to have difficulties while doing pharmaceutical translations. This is not considered a professional fault. Because all over the world, the translation of technical texts is carried out by expert translators. Science is done in the native language of scientists; as a principle, scientists do not have to translate the techniques and technologies they produce into other languages. Experienced translation companies like ours specialise in this field and offer these services to relevant individuals and organisations.

The role we have set for ourselves is to produce qualified and timely results in this sector following our vision. Our pharmaceutical translation services, performed with the highest quality, comply with all the criteria mentioned above at an international level to obtain qualified results. Our company promises that you can reach the results smoothly and fastest by continuing the business processes within the scope of total quality management principles. You can work with us for your corporate needs and corporate solution requests in pharmaceutical translation.

Pharmaceutical corporate translation services

Our company meets its translation needs at an institutional level. Thanks to our long-standing work with pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies and all other companies operating in the medical field, we have the essential expertise in the area. Since we are based on corporate management approaches, we can provide companies with services that meet their expectations without problems. We meet the translation applications required by the industry with the efforts and efforts of our well-equipped and experienced staff. We want to underline again that we specialise in pharmaceutical translation services. We can guarantee you the results you will achieve while you are starting to receive the service. In pharmaceutical translation, we can convey the process and results to you with the preliminary work we will do after receiving the request. You can contact us now for quality translation services where you can foresee the consequences at the beginning.

As pharmaceutical translators who have chosen to specialise in medicine, we are as knowledgeable in medicine as a physician. Pharmaceutical translation requires both extensive grammar and field knowledge. To protect patient health, a pharmaceutical translation should be done by specialised pharmaceutical translators.

Types of Text We Specialise

Medical Product License

License Files

Medical Research

Lab Tests


Patent and Licence Documents

Pharmaceutical Patent


Clinical Trial

User Manuals of Medical Devices

Technical Specifications

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