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We can help you attract readers by creating valuable medical content. Whether it’s press releases, product information, training materials, market analysis, or more, we have expert writers on hand. At Communicare, we work within your broad area of medical expertise. Our team of content writers has backgrounds in specific healthcare domains and has received training in the best writing techniques.

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What we

Medical content needs to be both clear and engaging. Our team can support your company across all types of content writing. We can work on content development, medical content marketing strategies, distribution, and many more.

We’re highly knowledgeable about writing techniques and how to engage specific audiences.

Our team can create an in-depth plan, including identifying key channels, creating personas, and setting goals.

Capture your brand identity in your content to drive the growth of your company.

We can work with almost any format and file type.

We instill our healthcare training and knowledge into your content.

Communicare offers a professional multimedia production service that makes your content stand out.

Medical Content Types

Research Studies Material

Case Report Forms

Patient Information Leaflets

Pharmaceutical Researches

Medical Devices

Materials related to Diabetes, Kidney, Heart diseases, Breastfeeding and many others

Clinical Studies Reports

Patient Information Sheet

Medical Software

Website and Marketing Contents

Drug Product Labeling and Filing

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Here’s How We Work

We’re here to help healthcare organizations deliver their messages creatively.

We work to your brief

We know in-house medical companies face a unique challenge. With time constraints and slim resources, it can be tough to produce the high-quality content you have in mind. That’s why we listen to your needs to help you deliver your messages, in your voice.

We work to your timeline

Communicare is here to support you in your project. Our team works together for fast delivery, without compromising on quality. We work efficiently, so that your content writing project is streamlined from concept to delivery. Your deadlines are important to you, which means they’re important to us, too.

We can deliver your content worldwide

At Communicare, we work in many different languages. We specialize in English and Arabic, but can translate content into almost any language or dialect you need. Our team are localization experts, meaning they can transform your content so that it’s culturally appropriate for the new region. We can also combine medical content creation with any of our other services. We offer multi-media production, voice-overs, subtitling, wider digital marketing, and medical consultancy services. We can scale up or scale down our resources to meet your project’s needs, big or small.

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