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Communicare’s interpreters remove language barriers to create simpler conversations for speakers of different languages. They pay attention to your words, meaning, and tone to include all the important details. We can provide medical interpreting for any field or setting. This includes patient consultations, conferences, and staff training sessions. Our interpreters are medically trained and will easily handle any complex vocabulary or sensitive subjects with ease.
vocabulary or sensitive subjects.

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Multilingual conversations can quickly become complicated. But, we believe there’s no room for misinterpretation in healthcare. That’s why our medical interpreting is simple to access, professional, and accurate. Communicare aims to deliver your words just as you intend them, in person or remotely.

Access a specialist interpreter wherever you are, whenever you need.

Speak your audience’s language, get your message across, and make learning easier.

Sometimes, conversations are better in person. Our interpreters can travel to you.

Our trained interpreters can instantly translate your medical texts out loud.

Add a personal touch and let your conversations flow, bookable in advance or on demand.

We understand that healthcare is a complex field. Simply choose the services you need.

How it Works

Choosing the right medical interpretation service provider is not an easy task to do. For these reasons, you should opt for Communicare for your professional medical interpreting needs.

Book on-demand or in advance

Our online platform lets you book an interpreter in a few simple clicks. You can schedule a call in advance, book on-demand, or plan an in-person session. The platform is available online and as a mobile app. When it’s time for your call, you can speak to your interpreter directly through the platform. Or, we can send you a phone number and pin so you can call your interpreter directly. We’re here to keep multilingual conversations simple. Just let us know what you need.

We work with MENA languages

Our services are available around the world. We primarily work in English, Arabic, and other MENA languages. But, we can help with medical interpreting in almost any language you need. Because our interpreters are medically trained, you can be confident that they know the right vocabulary in their language and yours.

Quality is our priority

We want to deliver your messages clearly and professionally. That’s why all of our medical interpreting services are built with quality in mind. Communicare’s team comprises project managers, technical experts, content creators, and linguists with healthcare specialisms.

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