Software Development and E-detailing

Revolutionize your medical practice with our software development solutions!

With the rapid transformation of the healthcare industry, the use of technology to deliver better care and more efficient operations is becoming increasingly prevalent. As a result, medical software development including practice management software, websites, mobile apps and e-detailing has become an important component of healthcare delivery.

At Communicare, we understand that medical software development and e-detailing are two of the most important aspects of healthcare today. In addition to the various benefits of these modern technologies, including improved patient care, reduced costs, and improved efficiency. Hence, we provide a set of integrated healthcare IT solutions including:

Website & App Development

Our skilled web and mobile developers have a treasure of experience in producing softwares that is appealing, user friendly and highly performing to provide the best user experience possible for your patients.

Detail aids

Communicare offers medical transcription services for medical professionals and organizations. We professionally transcribe medical notes, videos, records, and other materials quickly and accurately using state-of-the-art technology to produce the best quality subtitles.

Technical Testing

  • We provide technical testing of medical and pharmaceutical websites and mobile apps, to ensure they are devoid of any potential issues and optimize them for users in different languages. 
  • In addition to analysis of the user interface and content of medical websites and apps to identify areas of potential confusion as well as potential areas of improvement.

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