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Voice-overs help your audience to understand vital information. They bring an engaging, personal touch to content. But, you need your messages to be delivered in the right way. Our skilled voice-over artists handle complex medical vocabulary in almost any language. They can find the perfect tone for healthcare projects of all kinds. So, whether you’re educating, instructing, or advertising, your ideas will be delivered professionally and easily.

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Create Compelling

Medical voice-overs are complex. They need impeccable timing, perfectly pronounced technical vocabulary, and the right tone of voice. That’s why our team of content creators, translators, voice-over artists, technical experts, and project managers come together to produce the highest quality audio for healthcare projects.

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Marketing Videos

Choose the perfect voice for your product and brand to boost sales.

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Translating Existing Content

Make your content widely accessible to speakers of other languages.

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Staff Training

Bring your educational materials to life with factual voice-overs.

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Animated Videos

Animations are a fantastic tool for storytelling. We can help you showcase your business.

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Patient Guides

Deliver important, life-saving information in a way that catches patients’ attention.

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Industry Reports

Help your statistics shine with expert-sounding voice-overs adapted to your industry.

Why Choose Communicare?

We help healthcare organizations to deliver their messages in an engaging and creative way. Here’s how we work.

Your industry is our industry

We’re not only content creators and translators, we’re healthcare communication specialists. We work with trained and certified medical professionals, ensuring our work is up to the highest standards. Whatever the field, we handle technical topics with precision and care. Whether you need a warm and friendly advert or an expert-sounding technical guide, our team can create the perfect audio for you.

Only studio-quality sound

We work with a team of experienced audio engineers and the best voice-over artists. Whatever language you need, we’ll craft your voice-over to professional standards. We will edit and time your audio to studio perfection.

Just let us know what you need

We aim to help healthcare professionals create and deliver their messages, exactly how they need them. That’s why we offer a wide range of services.

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