machine translation Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) When translation combines the speed of machines and the skill of humans a a

Machine Translation
Post-Editing (MTPE) Services

Machine translation post-editing combines the power of computers with the skill of our medical experts. First, we translate your text through our trained machine translation software, which has about 7 million pre-translated medical words. In fact, it’s so advanced that our tests show up to 94% translation accuracy. Next, our talented medical editors review the translation. They make sure it’s precise, consistent, and sounds natural. This step is called post-editing. We believe adding a human touch from healthcare experts creates premium-quality translations.

Why choose
Machine Translation Post-Editing?

There’s no room for error in medical translation. Combining the strengths of computer technology and human knowledge produces accurate, fluent translations.

Our editors are trained in the medical field. They can navigate complex technical concepts.

Medical documents vary according to their audience. We match your tone, wording, and format in the new language.

Our machine translation software produces translations that are up to 94% accurate before editing.

Combine MTPE with any other services, such as content marketing or multimedia translation.

We specialize in English and Arabic. Our linguists have a deep knowledge of languages and cultures.

Machine translation is perfect for large projects. We can handle as many documents as you need.

Here’s How we Work

Find out a little more about Communicare and our team.

We work as a team

We are medical specialists, marketing professionals, and language experts. Each member of our team plays a vital role in our work. We assign a project manager to each task, who will oversee your machine translation post-editing. Our post-editors also work closely with our quality control team, who proofread all translations. We’ve put in place a stringent quality control system to make sure our work is the best it can be.

Advanced technology

At Communicare, we use the latest technologies, including advanced neural machine translation software. Neural machine translation uses an artificial neural network to predict the probability of word groups and sentences. This is how we can achieve 94% translation accuracy before editing.

Let’s Communicare together

We empower healthcare professionals to create and deliver their messages. You understand your project better than anyone and we’re here to listen to what you need. We can adapt our services, translate in all formats, work with local dialects, or localize content for specific regions. Communicare’s expert team will also advise about what’s best for your project based on their advanced translation knowledge.

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