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Medical marketing teams don’t always have the in-house resources to produce multimedia content. That’s where we come in. Communicare creates and translates engaging healthcare media. Our work is country-specific, helping you target the right audience in the right way. We focus on quality. So, you can make a lasting impression whether you’re showcasing a new product, tackling an important issue, providing staff training, or giving patient guidance.

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Here’s how
we operate

There are so many options for broadcasting medical marketing projects. That’s why we work with almost any file type. We can also handle simplified or highly technical subjects, just let us know what you need.

We work with you on stunning filmed videos for adverts, documentaries, vlogs, interviews, and more.

Animations are a fantastic tool for storytelling. We will help you showcase your business.

Our experts can adapt ready-made graphics, or create eye-catching designs from scratch.

Get your statistics to shine with our infographics adapted to specific audiences.

Deliver your content to a new country or region with our dubbing services.

Our subtitles and captions improve accessibility and help you reach wider audiences.

Multimedia Production

Time to rock the market and skyrocket your reach. We employ the highest media production capabilities to create stunning audiovisual content that informs, entertains, and maximizes your ROI.

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What Distinguishes Our Multimedia Production Services?

We strive to provide turnkey multimedia production services at the highest quality and fastest turnaround. Here is why Communicare should be your partner of choice when it comes to multimedia production services in the medical field.

Talk to your audience on their level, in their language

We know medical marketing teams frequently face a unique challenge. Working with highly complex concepts means they need to break down information so that it’s appropriate for different audiences. That’s why our expert healthcare writers are on hand. They make sure your content isn’t clouded by technical jargon. They also speak English, Arabic, and many other African and Middle Eastern languages.

Get your project out on time

Communicare is here to support you in your project. Your deadlines are important to us as it’s important to you.. In the very unlikely event that we miss a translation deadline, we will offer you a refund up to the full cost.

Quality is our priority

We aim to help healthcare providers to create and deliver their messages. So, we’ve put advanced quality assurance processes in place to make sure our work is the best. We also provide a free and comprehensive review of all our translation work.

Multimedia Production Services

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