Quality Assurance Process

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At Communicare, quality always comes first. Every step of the way, we make sure that we apply the best practices and ultimate quality assurance techniques. Below is our stringent multi-step process from the receipt of your request all the way to the final delivery, We are working according to ISO 17100 certification.

quality assurance

Our Quality Assurance Process

A business development specialist receives your request, runs a thorough project assessment, then gets back to you with a detailed and customized quotation in a timely manner.

From our huge database, a dedicated project manager picks the best talents with the most relevant experience and gets them oriented with the project ahead of the actual execution.

The first draft is now ready and sent to you for review. At this stage, you can add your feedback comments and send it back to us for a final round of editing.

Once you approve the quotation, we sign a professional non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with your side to ensure the confidentiality of your project.

After our linguists and writers complete their work, a meticulous quality check phase comes into place by our quality team, including editors, subject matter experts, and technical testing specialists. Additionally, the project manager applies an automated check on the target files to make sure all requested instructions are followed and successfully implemented.

Now that your feedback is applied, we deliver the final package to you and make sure you are fully satisfied with the end result. Our goal is to provide you with an outcome that matches your expectations and fulfills your needs.

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