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Subtitles (also called captions) transform voice into text, making your medical videos more accessible for viewers. This is especially important for those who need extra support with spoken language, such as international or deaf/hard of hearing audiences. At Communicare, we offer two main types of professional subtitling. We can produce subtitles in the same language as your video or translate your audio to create foreign language subtitles.

Medical subtitling services

Word-Perfect Presentation

Whether you aim to distribute your video across the globe or improve local accessibility, subtitle presentation is extremely important. Communicare’s expert team craft meaningful subtitles that sync to your video, whatever language you need.

We take your audio or transcript and create informative subtitles.

Let us handle your medical content creation, from video production through to subtitling.

We recreate the original medical meanings, tone, and intent in the languages you choose.

Adding subtitles in post-production or uploading a transcript file can improve SEO rankings.

We adapt your content for another region with culturally appropriate, localized subtitles.

Need subtitles in a lesser-spoken language or regional dialect? Just let us know.

Subtitles tailored to you

Our experts craft bespoke subtitling services that cater to your audience’s cultural and social norms. These are three reasons why Communicare subtitling services stand out, apart from the competition.

Expert subtitles with medical knowledge

Healthcare videos often contain highly technical language. Sometimes, a medical concept doesn’t have a direct translation for use in subtitles. Our team is trained to handle complex transcriptions and translations. Communicare works with the utmost care on every project. We pay attention to the little details that matter.

Any format you need

Medical videos are used in a wide range of contexts. We work with videos for all platforms including advertising, online training, social media, websites, documentaries, and broadcasting. Appropriate wording and tone of voice varies for each format. When we translate for subtitles, we identify appropriate terminology and adapt the jargon to the tone or mood of your content. Or, we can match our subtitles exactly to your audio, in the same language as your video.

Quality is our priority

We aim to help healthcare professionals create and deliver their messages. So, we’ve put in place advanced quality assurance processes to make sure our work is the best across the entire industry. We also provide a free and comprehensive review of all our translation work. Our subtitle team comprises project managers who oversee the entire process. This helps us to handle projects of all scales and sizes. So, whether you have a complex multi-language project or a simple single-language video, we can help.

medical subtitling

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