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Medical expertise
Throughout the Team

Our team of 500+ translators are well versed in a wide range of healthcare fields, foreign languages, and translation techniques. So, Communicare is equipped and ready to handle medical translations from across the industry and throughout the world. Translation involves changing texts from one language to another. Localization, however, optimizes the text, layout, and imagery so that it’s linguistically and culturally appropriate in the new language. We offer both services, specialized for medical projects. Also, we can advise on which one is right for you.


Medical Content Types

Research Studies Material

Case Report Forms

Patient Information Leaflets

Pharmaceutical Researches

Medical Devices

Materials related to Diabetes, Kidney, Heart diseases, Breastfeeding and many others

Clinical Studies Reports

Patient Information Sheet

Medical Software

Website and Marketing Contents

Drug Product Labeling and Filing

types of medical document translation

How we
Can Help

Our medical translation and localization team can work with any type of text. We are adept at finding the perfect tone, whether you need a translation of a highly technical report or patient-friendly leaflet. We can also combine translation and localization with any of our other services, including medical marketing content creation.

We can navigate medical terminology and accurately recreate your reports in the new language.

Patient materials need to be concise and clear. We match the tone of your original document.

Our localization team will transform your medical website ready for your new audience, wherever they are.

Give your staff the best access to professional development and training in their native languages.

We accurately translate documents for all stages of clinical trials, from patient information to final results.

We work our hardest to provide the highest quality medical translations for any field.

Our Language translation services include:

Middle Eastern (Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, Hebrew, Kurdish,..)

African Languages (Afrikaans, Zulu, Swahili, Somali, Xhosa, Sesotho,..)

Asian Languages (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Malay,…)

European Languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch,…)

medical translation services

How We Work

Medical translation is a complex field that requires in-depth knowledge and expertise. That’s why we make sure our teams are highly skilled at what they do.

Streamlined processes

Our translators work as part of a skilled team. Our project managers will oversee your project to deliver excellent translations on time and within budget. Notably, Communicare works with a sister company to train and select the best translators with the right medical knowledge. Once your translation is complete, one of our medical reviewers carefully assesses it, making sure it’s both accurate and locally relevant. These processes make our work highly efficient.

About our translators

Our translators are native speakers of the language they work with. They have an in-depth understanding of both language and culture. We also ask our team to complete professional courses on content writing and creativity to ensure high standards. Our medical translation team is skilled at handling medical jargon and complex documents.

How we ensure quality

We aim to help healthcare professionals create and deliver their messages accurately. That’s why we’ve put in place a quality control system that is one of the most rigorous in the industry. We provide a free comprehensive translation review of our work. When your translation is complete, we send it to our editing team. They review your medical translation and make notes to send back to the translator as needed. Once any changes are made, a proofreader completes the final sign-off, checking medical expressions and overall accuracy against the target language. We also use automated quality control tools for an extra layer of quality assurance.

Medical Translation & Localization

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