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Good communication is essential in healthcare.

Welcome to Communicare, an online health translation service. Comminicare health translation services, which have successfully performed translation services in many technical subjects and have proven themselves in the translation industry, direct your professional health translation orders to a translator who is specialized in that field. Adding the health translation service among its numerous other services to respond instantly to the translation needs in the health field, it never leaves you alone in your healthcare translation needs, including many languages.

As a result of the rapid developments in medical science and the continuation of research, the need to share these developments in different geographies has arisen. The most significant role in ensuring this sharing belongs to medical translation services. Medical academic articles, experiments, case reports, books, studies, health-related promotional texts, radiology reports, laboratory test results, theses, drug and pharmaceutical product prospectuses, user manuals for biomedical devices, journals, various researches, reports, doctor’s opinions, Healthcare translation, includes examination reports, all kinds of medical documents, publications related to the pharmaceutical industry, documents about clinical research in the field of medicine, patent translations, documents about dentistry and many more.

The rapid developments in the field of medicine and the sharing of these developments among different geographies effectively bring health translation services to the fore. Healthcare translation; medical documents, usage and maintenance manuals for medical tools and equipment, doctor reports, patient information files, publications of the pharmaceutical industry, medical literature files, clinical research documents and reports in the field of medicine, patent translations, drug license application files, advertisements of medical and pharmacy institutions and introductory texts, similar documents on dentistry and animal health, and medical articles.
Health academic articles, theses, experiments, drug and pharmaceutical product prospectuses, case reports, biomedical device user manuals, books, journals, studies, various research and studies, health-related promotional texts, epicrisis, radiology reports, doctor’s opinion, laboratory test results, Hospital reports such as medical examination reports are among the types of medical translation texts.
In its most general definition, healthcare translation can be defined as the field that includes translations in the health sector. Translating everything related to medicine, especially medical documents, and prospectuses in the pharmaceutical industry, is within the scope of medical translation.
Today, especially in hospitals, many institutions, and organizations with connections with the health sector, such as health centres and companies engaged in medical production and trade, may want to receive medical translation services in line with their different needs.

Like all specialized fields, healthcare translation requires more than a standard translation process. Healthcare translation, which also concerns professionals who aim to improve people’s health and lives, is effective in the dissemination of discoveries as well as medical knowledge. Health translation is also used to provide health services to minorities and foreigners. Since the weight of medical terminology and the uniqueness of the medical language are the details that make the translation work difficult, every healthcare translator can’t do a health translation. Heathcare translators must have sufficient knowledge of the medical sector and its language.

What Does Healthcare Translation Do?

Healthcare translation, which is performed on a sensitive subject that directly impacts human life, such as health, is not a type of translation open to ambiguity or interpretation. While transferring medical texts with their style to the target language, care should be taken to preserve the tone and share it most accurately. To achieve this, translators who do healthcare translations should closely monitor the current developments in the field of translation and pay attention to self-improvement. To achieve the highest quality medical translations, before starting the translation process, the subject of the text to be translated should be investigated in detail, sufficient information should be obtained about the issue, and if there is any lack of information, it should be corrected as soon as possible.

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Medical translation is a type of translation that requires expertise. For this reason, it should be done by experienced translators who know medical terminology and types of medical texts. Translations of articles written in the field of medicine and health are considered within the scope of healthcare translation.
In the translations of this sector, which is directly related to human life, the slightest mistake or misuse of even a single letter may change the text’s meaning. Therefore, while providing healthcare translation services, in addition to drugs, treatments and physician’s reports, it is necessary to know about the related diseases, the evolution of diseases and the drug literature in terms of pharmacology. The healthcare translators should follow the innovations in the field of medicine they are translating, be exposed to medical terminology, and should not avoid doing research and consulting medical experts when necessary. The healthcare translation company, Communicare, with its translator staff consisting of experts in the field, offers the highest quality service at the most affordable prices in translation types requiring special expertise, such as legal and medical translation.

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